Why choose Facembrace® for your business?

Uncompromising long-lasting comfortable protection

Are your employees in direct contact with clients in their work environment? Do they closely interact with others therefore making physical distancing a challenge?

Your business wants to follow the sanitary guidelines at an affordable cost and would like to provide adequate protection to its staff? You wish to reduce the environmental footprint and favor local innovation and manufacture?

For all these reasons, your employees need the Facembrace® protective mask

    Will not interfere with their speech or view

    So comfortable they will keep it on for hours

    Overall cost per use is cheaper than disposable masks

    Reflects the quality and professionalism of your business

Anti-projection Protective Mask

Facembrace®  is a registered trademark of RheabrioTM , a medical device manufacturer with a Health Canada Establishment Licence (#7739).

Perfect Protection

  Superior bacteria and particle filtration

  Perfectly fits the shape of your face

  Seamless, without irritating folds of fabric

Perfect Comfort

  Does not fog up glasses, does not impede speech

  Optimal breathability for continuous wear (4+ hours)

  Easy to wash (30+ times), quick drying

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