The Perfect Comfort Accessory Designed to Complement Your CPAP Therapy

The Perfect Comfort Accessory Designed to Complement Your CPAP Therapy

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We all deserve to experience that “fits like a glove” feeling

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Perfect Fit

  • Adapted to all brands and models of respiratory masks 
  •  Gently molds itself to the shape of your nose 
  •  Washable and quick drying  
  • Seamless

We all deserve a good night’s sleep

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Perfect Sleep

  • Isolate your face from the plastic mask 
  •  Experience a comfortable sleep with the feeling of not wearing a mask 
  •  Almost forget you are wearing a respiratory mask

We all deserve to look our best the moment we wake up

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Perfect Face

  • Take good care of your skin with a biocompatible membrane
  • Protect your face from undesirable redness and strap marks 
  • Protect your eyes and sensitive skin from irritations caused by air leaks

We all deserve to feel great after a night’s sleep

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Perfect Morning

  • Wake up feeling refreshed
  • Benefit from an uninterrupted sleep
  • Look your best self the moment you wake up


The comfort accessory creates a shield between your face and your mask's tight straps, preventing undesirable marks on your face in the morning.


The comfort accessory protects your eyes from blowing air thanks to its conveniently placed deflector.


The comfort accessory keeps you from being woken up by the feeling of air leaks.

Skin redness or irritations

The comfort accessory prevents skin irritation caused by direct contact with your mask.

How does Facembrace® compare to other solutions?

Facembrace is the only comfort accessory targeting simultaneously multiple discomforts related to wearing a CPAP mask.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our mission is to design products for your well-being. We are convinced that the Facembrace will improve your comfort. If you are not entirely satisfied with Facembrace, consult the guarantee and share your experience with us.